Aggregation service for digital sheet music

Our service

We offer independent composers and small publishing companies a gateway to nkoda – the digital sheet music app.

The service is available for composers in all genres, as long as the work is notated. Songs by singer-songwriters, chamber music by contemporary composers, big band charts by jazzers, etudes, instrumental methods and tutors are all equally welcome. Join us in making your music available digitally world-wide!

Escobar•Digital is an aggregation service for digital sheet music platforms. Our service feeds works by independent composers to nkoda, the digital sheet music app, collects royalties from nkoda and pays them back to the composers.

nkoda is the digital sheet music app-library on subscription that already works with 100 leading publishers and their 14,000 artists. Now, with the help of Escobar•Digital, independent composers can publish their works on nkoda and be paid for usage just like any published composer.